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Short Term Accommodations In Blue Mountain

by admin_swm on March 30, 2023
Short Term Accommodations In Blue Mountain

If you have ever thought of becoming a landlord and running your own short term accommodation, there are several rules and regulations to consider. Before renting out your home or purchasing a home to list on Airbnb in Blue Mountain, read all of the information below or reach out to our team!

A large reason to use a Realtor when purchasing a home to become a rental unit is that Realtors know and understand the bylaws. Right now, there are over 400 Airbnb/VRBO properties listed in the Southern Georgian Bay area, but the majority of them are not operating legally.

The Town of Blue Mountain came up with a solution to help with this issue after years of complaints from residential owners about parties and noise. This resulted in Blue Mountain initiating a licensing program for short term rentals, and those wishing to advertise their home on Airbnb must obtain a license.

The Town of The Blue Mountains classified any property rented on a basis of less than 30 days as Short Term Accommodation (STA). The town has a very detailed and informative website that answers a lot of questions buyers looking for an investment property will have regarding if the property they are interested in has or can be applied for to have an STA license. Our team at Georgian Blue Group can also walk you through these areas and determine the short list of properties you can look at if STA rental income is your priority. 

The map below shows the current locations in townhomes and condos that do permit STA licenses. You will see that some are ski in/ski out, some have pools, and some may be BMVA members or not.  Our team can walk you through the nuances of the different complexes and determine which may be a best fit for your needs.  There are a select few detached homes that were grandfathered in when the town implemented the new STA laws. They can be found on the map link on the town’s website as well. These areas can include Castle Glen, Tyrolean Village, and a few more close to Blue Mountain.  

1.  Snowbridge –  BMVA members. Pool.  

2. Rivergrass – BMVA members. Pool.

3. Sierra Lane – Not BMVA members. Pool.

4.  Wintergreen – Combination of BMVA and non BMVA units. No pool.

5.  Mountain Walk – Non BMVA. No pool.

6.  Cachet Crossings – BMVA members. No pool. Ski in/ski out

7.  Chateau Ridge – Combination of BMVA and Non BMVA units. Ski in/ski out. No pool.

8.  North Creek Resort – Combination of BMVA and no BMVA units. Ski in/ski out. Pool.

There are several property management companies in the area that offer a variety of different services for STA owners.  Their services can range from full on management of the bookings and cleaning, maintenance and more, or they can be tailored to the cleaning and maintenance while you manage your own Airbnb website bookings.  

Some complexes are also members of The Blue Mountain Village Association.  

If the unit is a part of Blue Mountain Resort, there is a 2% fee on purchase price upon closing of your purchase.  If the unit is a BMVA member of one of the complexes outside of The Village, there is a 1% of purchase price due on closing.  

There are some projections of what a studio, one, two or three bedroom unit can also bring in on an annual basis.  The numbers can vary depending on how much an owner uses the unit and how much it is available for bookings, especially during peak rental times.  We are happy to discuss these with you.  As a general rule of thumb, a studio and one bedroom unit is allowed an occupancy of 4 people. A two bedroom unit is allowed up to 6 people, and a three bedroom unit up to 8 people max.  

If you are interested in learning more information about Short Term Accommodations, contact our team!

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