Selling your home is one of the most critical decisions you will have to make. We encourage you to interview us and confirm that we are the right fit.

What's my Home Worth?

Selling your home is one of the biggest decisions in a person’s life. The transaction can be complex, challenging and emotional. That is why you can count on professionals who have elevated knowledge, elevated service and elevated marketing. With our collective years of experience and principles, we will help to take you from the stage of determining if you are ready, and if the time is right, to the day you hand over the keys to the buyers of your property. We encourage you to interview us and confirm that we are the right fit for you.

Georgian Blue Team Process:
Step One is for us to come to your home for an in person tour of the property. You know the unique qualities of your home the best, and with this first-hand information we can then do a CMA (Competitive Market Analysis) to determine the current market value range for your home. During this meeting we will also discuss with you the steps that go into selling your home, what we do to showcase your property to the world, to attract all potential buyers out there, and how we are present and available, every step of the way.

Step Two is here. We have signed on to a partnership together to sell your home. Now to roll up our sleeves and get your home ready! We will do a room by room walk through with you and discuss the best actions that can be taken to showcase your home in the best light. We will put this discussion into an easy to digest report of things that you can do to get your house market ready. Keeping in mind, you are going to be moving so what a perfect time to start packing those boxes. If you are looking for outside help with this, we have professional stagers that we can arrange for you.

Step Three is photos and video. This is the day we come with our local professional colleagues to capture your home in the best way possible to get the most eyes on your home. We recommend that, if you can, make plans to do something away from your home for a couple of hours that day. This will allow us to move efficiently from room to room and around the property the quickest and will, ultimately, allow you to get back to your day-to-day activities with less disruption.

Step Four leads us to the “press go” day. With all the needed material in our hands and organized, the day has come to get your property out there and buyers through the door. Buyers have seen a teaser before this time on Georgian Blue Groups marketing platforms and now is the big reveal!

Step Five is offer time. Once an offer is received, we will thoroughly review it from front to back, before sitting with you to present it. We are here to navigate you through the negotiation stage.  Once accepted, we can facilitate any conditions, if any, and work to secure a firm and binding deal.

Step Six is the final stage. Once the deal is firm you have lots of packing and planning to do.  We are here to help provide you with a list of services, if needed, to get you to the closing date. When the date arrives to hand over the keys, we are also here for you. We have all worked hard together and if you are ever in need of a future service, we will be here for you.